The FINAL Installments, 132 – 135

This will be the final blog posting on “What’s in the bags?”, as Installment #135 is indeed the last one.

Part 132: Rudder parts, finely cast figurine and decorations.

132a 132b

Part 133: Gunport hatches, photoetched bits, and some more finely cast decorations.

133a 133b

Part 134: Flags! These are printed on cloth and are to be doubled. These would be great to have BECC replicate in their nice single-sided prints.

134a 134b

Part 135, The End! With more flags and some little bits.

135a 135b


I want to thank the good folks at DeAgostini and Carat Media for allowing me the opportunity to review such a marvelous and complete kit. Many so-called kits are little more than a set of suggestions and a block of wood (you supply the whittling tools), but this is indeed a COMPLETE kit, fully engineered and trialed before it comes to your door. Skill is required, and the advanced modeler will surely find opportunities for customization- but so it is with the best of kits.

As usual, you can find out more about obtaining your own kit from DeAgostini in the UK; North American modelers will need to make other arrangements, I’m afraid.


Parts 120 – 131 of DeAgostini’s “Sovereign”

More pics of the latest installments… up to #131, only four more to go!

120a 120b

121a 121b

122a 122b


123a 123b

124a 124b

125a 125b

126a 126b

127a 127b

128a 128b

129a 129b

130a 130b

131a 131b

As always, you can find out everything about acquiring your own Sovereign of the Seas (in the UK) from DeAgostini’s web site:

DeAgostini Sovereign of the Seas, Issues 110 – 119

10 more issues to drool over, quickly summarized below.

110a 110b

111a 111b

112a 112b

113a 113b

114a 114b

115a 115b


117a 117b

118a 118b

119a 119b

DeAgostini’s “Sovereign of the Seas” info at:

Note that this kit, with the “magazines” and instructions, will set you back about US$1200 in the UK. As of yet, no word of availability in the USA or Canada.

DeAgostini “Sovereign”, Issues 100 – 109

100a 100b 100c


102a 102b

103a 103b

104a 104b104c

105a 105b

106a 106b

107a 107b

108a 108b

109a 109b 109c

As always, find out about this kit and the rest of DeAgostini’s line at their ModelSpace site:

Oh My! Episodes 100 – 131!


Issues 100 – 131

Much to my surprise, I’ve just been caught up with a large pile of issues, all the way to #131. You may recall, this model has 135 issues, so we’re almost there! I’ll be posting more about the contents in the next couple weeks.

Episodes 96 – 99

And the last for a little while, up to #99. IIRC, there are 135 total, so this takes us to 73% of the kit.

Installment 96

Stropping deadeyes and adding their chains for installation to the chain plates.

96a 96b


Installment 97

Deadeyes, buckets, and a mast top (lower).



Installment 98

Belaying pin rack.

98a 98b


Installment 99

Half-cannons (to install where a complete cannon and carriage wouldn’t be visible).

99a 99b

Tell DeAgostini that we want SotS in the USA and Canada!


Installment 92 – 95

Plowing on:

Installment 92:

Looks like a herd of sea horses to gild and mount.



Installment 93

The gilded fittings never cease!



Installment 94

Ah, some wood- the chain plates forward.



Installment 95

More gilding AND more chain plates.




Remember, go visit DeAgostini and tell them you want the Sovereign in the USA!