DeAgostini’s “Sovereign of the Seas”, Installment 11

Another good reason to leave your frames/bulkheads unglued– when fitting Installment 11’s deck panels, you’ll need to wiggle them around a bit to get everything together.

Deck parts. In ship building, squareness is next to godliness.

Also, the elevation of each bulkhead should be set pretty closely by the laser-cut notches in the keel… but that is never perfect! Instead, get the deck panels into position, and use them as a spline to align each bulkhead’s height. There is a curved sheerline to this deck, it’s not a straight line… so I plan to glue each bulkhead to the deck panels, then make any final height adjustments and finally glue the bulkheads to the false keel.

No need to do that now… I’d rather wait and see what is coming in future installments.

Loosely assembled

Loosely assembled


A few comments on the framing:
This type of frame is not visible in the model… it is like the armature inside a clay sculptor’s work… it is the foundation for the model’s visible details. So we want to get it as true as possible!

Also, it is inevitable that even this beefy false keel will develop some twist just sitting on the bench top. When it comes time to add the planking, each bent plank’s internal stresses will also try to warp the entire assembly. So I will be using either the kit’s build supports, or more likely, a frame support such as suggested in one of the early installments to keep everything straight.


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