DeAgostini’s “Sovereign of the Seas”, Installments 5-10

I’ll lump these next steps together due to their similarity. Actually, #8 is omitted here… it is the devoted to a ship’s boat, which I’ll set aside until later. Indeed, many steps include parts which are reserved for future work… you’ll do well to bag and mark these for later identification.


Adding a second extension to the false keel.

Installment 5 gives us another extension of the false keel, and another rib set.

BTW: This is a “plank on bulkhead” model. The terms vary a bit by modeling community, but with Age of Sail, “plank on frame” is reserved for builds which model the actual ship’s frames… a true feat of craftsmanship! “Admiralty models” usually feature partial planking, in order to display the ship’s internal timbers.

In earlier posts, I suggested NOT gluing any of the bulkheads in place yet. This allows the false keel sections to be added and clamped flat more easily, as shown above.

Cannon blocks

2nd cannon

#5 also gives instructions for further details on the cannon… I’ll get to that later.

#5 and #6 discuss a timely subject– display stands. You can set your completed model in a cradle, but many models are rigidly attached to pedestals, as shown below. If this is your preference, it’s time to make preparations NOW. DeAgostini doesn’t tell us yet if any sort of stand will be provided later… but some of their product photos show the model in a cradle.

Display stands

Display stands

Internal preparations for a display stand.

Internal preparations for a display stand.

#6 provides a couple more frames, while #7 gives us the final piece of the false keel and yet another frame. #8 is devoted to a ship’s boat (later), and #9 provides the final aft frames. One of these steps also included replacement rib pieces for frame #13, which I noted earlier to have a mis-designed dovetail. No matter, I fixed my first one, thanks!

Step 9- Last frame and transom supports

Step 9- Last frame and transom supports

Final frame completed.

Final frame completed.

Installment #10 goes forward to the bowsprit. This is easily assembled and then set aside, we’ll be attaching it sometime later.

Bowsprit assembly and keel pieces

These recent installments also include a few steps each in completing the little ship’s boat. If you jump around like I do, make sure to keep all your instructions in order and accessible. DeAgostini offers nice binders for the purpose– see their site or the flyers in each installment’s instructions.


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