Project Timing

“Parts work” projects like this are designed to give you time for the build, and to spread the cost out too. So how long will this take?

Well, any large age-of-sail model of any decent quality can easily take two or three years of an amateur’s time. And that’s what Sovereign will take, based on 135 weekly installments.

Installment 13 was available in the UK in mid December 2012. A little calendar math suggests that the last installment will be available in April 2015.

A long term project indeed!

BTW: I received the first 13 installments in one shipment. Setting aside the little mini-kits of two cannon, an anchor, and the ship’s boat, I was able to knock out the rest (the model’s main frame work) in a day’s time. Will the rest go so easily? Likely not! I know that the major chunks lay ahead and are each quite time consuming– planking, sails, and rigging being the biggest part of it.




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