Installments 12-25, Preview

Installments 12-25

Installments 12-25

I’ve been bad… been working feverishly on my Amati Grand Banks 46, trying to get it finished for an upcoming contest, so there hasn’t been much progress on the SotS. But DeAgostini has been good, and the installments keep coming, yikes!

Here is what you can expect for this set of parts (see image, numbered L to R, top to bottom):

Installment 12: Stringers and beams for lower deck.

Installment 13: Parts for the boat.

Installment 14-16: What looks like the last of the hull & deck structures, and some planking.

Installment 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25: Planks! (these will keep you busy).

Installment 22: Two cannon are slipped in… wouldn’t want to think there was nothing but planking in your future!


The light colored planks are bamboo, and the reddish stuff is sapele (an African wood close to mahogany).


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