Installments 61-64

With a target of one installment per week, this group of four represents a month’s supply of building fun. And we’re up to #64, still not quite half way through the 135 installments.

I’ve been posting images of the materials and build phase from the instructions, but I’ve neglected to mention the other material in each installment’s “magazine”. More like a pamphlet, each issue contains a few articles covering general modeling tips, age-of-sail history, and examples of some fine models. Some examples below, from issue #64.


Example of a great model in a diorama setting


General tips for laying deck planks


Installment 61-62

Some more nice metal castings for the port & starboard galleries.


Installment 61


Putting the cast roofs on the port gallery


Installment 62


with its little starboard gallery roofs.


Installments 63-64


Installment 63


Gilded ladies in #63, in the forepeak.


Installment 64


64’s handrails in the waist

As usual, info about obtaining the model in the UK at DeAgostini’s site:


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