Chapters 86-91

As I go through all these issues one by one, it’s easy to lose track of how much total material there is. Each issue may have just a few sticks or metal pieces, but when I pick up the box containing the aggregate, I realize I must have a good 15 pounds of material! This of course includes all the magazines, but it’s impressive nonetheless.

Installment 86

86a 86b

Well, this is a 90-gun ship which actually launched with 102, so one would expect a few cannon in the kit… and they do keep showing up in the installments, one here and two there! Along with a few more decorations in this issue.

Installment 87


And another cannon, and more decorations.

Installment 88

88a 88b

A bevy of blocks and belaying pins! We will be busy with these bits.

Installment 89

89a 89b

Cannons? Did someone ask about cannons? Two more here.

Installment 90

90a 90b

More blocks and some rigging thread. It’s described as cotton… one might want to look into linen, for longer life on the model.

Installment 91

91a 91b

More decorations for you to gild and install. BTW, the instructions tell us to paint these gilt parts…I wonder if anyone is trying actual leaf on them?

DeAgostini continues to offer a reduced selection of their ships in the USA, unfortunately not including SotS.


One Response to Chapters 86-91

  1. David Cunningham says:

    I am now up to the late 80s and find that each batch of magazines brings a bunch of metal decorations and little else. This occupies me for several hours only and most of this is spent waiting for the paint to dry. This leaves nothing to do for the next three and a half weeks. To occupy my time I have ordered another model from an other manufacturer to keep me occupied.
    I find this to be a most unsatisfactory to pursue my hobby.

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