Episodes 96 – 99

And the last for a little while, up to #99. IIRC, there are 135 total, so this takes us to 73% of the kit.

Installment 96

Stropping deadeyes and adding their chains for installation to the chain plates.

96a 96b


Installment 97

Deadeyes, buckets, and a mast top (lower).



Installment 98

Belaying pin rack.

98a 98b


Installment 99

Half-cannons (to install where a complete cannon and carriage wouldn’t be visible).

99a 99b

Tell DeAgostini that we want SotS in the USA and Canada!



Installment 92 – 95

Plowing on:

Installment 92:

Looks like a herd of sea horses to gild and mount.



Installment 93

The gilded fittings never cease!



Installment 94

Ah, some wood- the chain plates forward.



Installment 95

More gilding AND more chain plates.




Remember, go visit DeAgostini and tell them you want the Sovereign in the USA!