The FINAL Installments, 132 – 135

This will be the final blog posting on “What’s in the bags?”, as Installment #135 is indeed the last one.

Part 132: Rudder parts, finely cast figurine and decorations.

132a 132b

Part 133: Gunport hatches, photoetched bits, and some more finely cast decorations.

133a 133b

Part 134: Flags! These are printed on cloth and are to be doubled. These would be great to have BECC replicate in their nice single-sided prints.

134a 134b

Part 135, The End! With more flags and some little bits.

135a 135b


I want to thank the good folks at DeAgostini and Carat Media for allowing me the opportunity to review such a marvelous and complete kit. Many so-called kits are little more than a set of suggestions and a block of wood (you supply the whittling tools), but this is indeed a COMPLETE kit, fully engineered and trialed before it comes to your door. Skill is required, and the advanced modeler will surely find opportunities for customization- but so it is with the best of kits.

As usual, you can find out more about obtaining your own kit from DeAgostini in the UK; North American modelers will need to make other arrangements, I’m afraid.


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